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Miracle Hair Building Fiber

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Get Hair In Seconds With MIRACLE

  • A full head of hair in seconds!
  • Miracle Hair is an all-natural, non-toxic alternative for balding/thinning hair. Only Miracle Hair uses Smart Fiber Technology to ensure the strongest hold possible.
  • Conceals thinning hair completely
  • Perfect before and during hair implants
  • Ideal for men or women

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How to select color:

  • Look in the mirror. Look at your hair root color in the thinning area. This is the color to order.
  • If you have highlighted ends with darker roots, match the root color.
  • When in doubt, choose the darker shade. For example if you have trouble deciding between medium brown and light brown, choose medium brown.


     Medium Brown                      Black                             Dark Brown



       Light Grey                          Light Brown                          Grey

The Science of MIRACLE

Instantly eliminate the appearance of baldness and thinning hair.

MIRACLE Hair Building Fibers

are all natural Keratin “hairs” that bind to your own existing hair to instantly make your hair look fuller and thicker.

Add “Hair” to your Hair

To apply MIRACLE, simply shake it gently over your thinning areas. In seconds, thousands of tiny color matched hair fibers intertwine with your own hair. “Magnetized” with static electricity, they bond so securely that they will stay in place all day and night.

Durable and Totally Undetectable

MIRACLE won’t come off in wind, rain or perspiration. It is totally undetectable, even from as close as two inches. MIRACLE stays securely in place giving natural-looking thickness and fullness until the next time you shampoo. It is compatible with all hair products and is great for both men and women.

A Safe, Effective Option

MIRACLE is recommended by doctors because it is completely safe and works amazingly well with hair transplants. No matter what your condition, if you are concerned about visible hair loss, MIRACLE will change the way you feel about yourself every time you look in the mirror.

Watch MIRACLE at work in our videos, and it’ll seem like magic. But MIRACLE’s effectiveness and superiority are based solidly on science.

Let’s consider the three major problems you’ll encounter if you use ordinary hair loss products on the market. We will show you how MIRACLE turns their problems into benefits for you.

Problem One: Fragile Coverage

If you’ve used any of regular hair thickening products on the mass market, you’ve experienced this problem: Go outside in the wind, get caught in the rain, or just lay your head down on a couch or pillow. What happens? That pesky, shiny bald spot is showing again.

That’s because many of the products fell out. They just couldn’t hold up.

To “solve” this problem, the instructions recommended that you buy their specially-made spray (essentially a glue) to “lock in” the products. But the spray-on glue doesn’t really solve the problem – it’s a Mickey Mouse duct tape solution at best. And even worse, that spray-on glue leaves your hair feeling stiff, sticky and completely unnatural.

The root cause of all this trouble is quite simple: the natural bonding force between their products and your hair is very weak.

How MIRACLE Solves the Problem at Its Root

Did you know that ordinary hair thickening products are made mostly from wool (sheep’s hair, marketed as “keratin fiber”)? Offhand, wool might seem like a logical choice. After all, wool IS hair.

And it is readily available everywhere.

But here’s the problem: in one respect, wool is TOO similar to human hair.

Have you ever pulled a wool sweater off of your head in the middle of winter and found your hair standing straight up and unruly like Einstein? Then you know the laws of attraction and repulsion: like charges repel and opposite charges attract.

Both wool and human hair carry positive electrical charges, therefore they repel each other, and that’s the root cause of problem.

But ordinary hair thickening products choose to ignore that bit of basic science for the sake of convenience and cost-saving. So they use wool, which human hair – simply obeying the laws of physics – tries to repel, therefore the product falls off easily. That’s why you have to use their specially-made spray glue to try to overcome the problem.

We think it’s a lot smarter to work with science.

We use the laws of physics to your advantage by using a raw material called Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum. The fiber extracted from this plant, which is almost identical to your hair, carries a negative charge, so – again, simply obeying the laws of physics – it wantsto bond to your hair (positively charged).

The result is a 200% stronger bond than with wool fiber. No messy spray-on glue is required.

Problem Two: A Dull, Lifeless Look

There are two basic approaches to eliminating bald spots or appearance of hair loss:

1. Thickening your existing hair to amplify your hair volume, making the scalp invisible.

2. Coloring the exposed scalp to match your hair color. This technique does hide the scalp in thinning areas, but does not increase hair volume.

Experienced theatrical and Hollywood makeup artists will tell you that the first approach, thickening existing hair, gives the most natural appearance. The second approach hides the scalp, obviously, but produces a dull, unnatural look.

The weak electrical bonding between wool fibers and human hair that we described just above? Well, that causes a secondary problem.

Since the wool fibers tend to be electrically repelled by human hair, most of the products will fall down onto the scalp when being applied instead of clinging to existing hair as intended. So if you use ordinary hair thickening products, instead of thickening your hair, much of what you apply will in effect be doing no more than coloring your scalp (the second approach mentioned above).

Think that essentially spray-painting your scalp will give you a lustrous, natural appearance? Of course not. Your hair will look dull and lifeless.

But since MIRACLE bonds to your hair securely, working with science instead of against it, MIRACLE will thicken your hair shafts and amplify your hair volume. That will give you a fuller, natural looking head of hair, not a spray-painted scalp.

Problem Three: Discomfort

Ordinary products for hair loss on the mass market are loaded with synthetic chemicals: dyes, artificial preservatives, and fillers. And as we’ve noted, they use animal furs like wool as the source of their fibers.

All of those lab-concocted chemicals may be cheap to produce. But as discussed above, they don’t work terribly well. And even worse, they may cause you even greater discomfort than just the disappointment you’ll feel when you look in the mirror.

Many users of these products report problems with itching and with rashes.

In contrast, MIRACLE uses completely natural ingredients: plant based fibers and natural mineral colorants. And our formulation has been granted registration with the FDA (registration number F1091011).

An In-Depth Look at the Science Behind MIRACLE’s Breakthrough Formula

As you know, materials attract or repel each other via electrostatic force: opposite charges attract and like charges repel.

To measure the strength of attraction among different materials, scientists rank them based upon the degree of each material’s positive or negative charge. This ranking is called the Triboelectric Series, as shown on the right.

The greater the distance between their relative positions, the stronger the bonding force between any two materials.

As you can see, human hair and wool are very close together on the positive portion of the scale. With both of them positively charged, they are more likely to repel than attract each other. That’s why wool-based hair building products do not bond well to hair.

And that’s why MIRACLE uses fibers derived from Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum, a plant that only grows in arid regions of Morocco.

Look again at the Triboelectric Series, and notice the distance on the scale between Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum fiber and human hair. Notice also that the Gossypium Herbaceum is negatively charged, and that human hair is positively charged.

That explains why the electrostatic bonding force between MIRACLE fibers and human hair is 200% stronger than between wool-based fiber and human hair.

Because of MIRACLE’s electro-bond advantage, MIRACLE will remain bonded with your hair better with less fall out. And because of that naturally strong bond, the MIRACLE fibers adhere in greater numbers to your hair shafts, thickening them and making your hair look much fuller, more natural and lustrous.

Miracle Easy Application Process


1. Style hair as usual. Use Miracle only on dry hair.

2. Shake liberally over thinning areas.

3. Gently pat hair to disperse fibers.

4. You may lightly comb, brush or style you hair after applying Miracle


1. Style hair as usual. Use Miracle only on dry hair.

2. Shake liberally over thinning areas.

3. Gently pat hair to disperse fibers.

4. You may lightly comb, brush or style you hair after applying Miracle.

Before & After

Over 3 million men and women have used MIRACLE to regain the confidence of a full head of hair. Here are their REAL stories and unretouched “before” and “after” photos to show how MIRACLE can dramatically improve your appearance.

  • I am completely bald, should I buy Miracle?

No. We don’t recommend Miracle to those who are completely bald. In addition, Miracle may not work for people with advanced hair loss level/class.

  • What about large scar on the scalp?

If your scar is more than 2 inch in diameter, and it is shinny (no hair whatsoever),  we do not recommend this product.

  • Can others tell I am using Miracle?

No, no one will find out unless you tell them, They are natural fibers and are of same color as of your hairs.

  • Can I use Miracle by myself?

Yes, you can put Miracle on the scalp yourself by standing in front of a mirror.

  • Can Miracle be used with any hair type or any hairstyle?

Miracle works for any hair type, ranging from normal coarser hair to vellus hair (fine, non-pigmented hair, often called “peach fuzz”) and everything in between. Miracle application is flexible to accommodate any hair style including shaved, short, long, curly, kinky, wavy, braided, frizzy, straight, colored, highlighted or frosted hair.

  • How long does it take to apply Miracle?

It varies, from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size of thinning area and your skill level. You will get better at applying Miracle after a few uses.

  • What is the minimum hair length for it to work?

For best results, we recommend 0.5 inch (1 -2 cm) or longer. Miracle will NOT work on shaved head, use it after your hair grows out.

  • Will Miracle fall out?

Not if you follow the instructions (come with the product) and apply correctly. Miracle bonds to your hair 200% more secure than any other fiber based thickening products on the mass market. It better withstands wind, sweat and rain.

  • Does Miracle stain?

Absolutely not. Miracle fibers are 100% colorfast, it will never stain clothes, bed linen or your scalp. If the fibers accidentally drop onto a surface, simply dust them off.

  • Can I comb my hair after applying Miracle?

Yes. For best results, you should dry and style your hair before applying Miracle. However you can still comb your hair afterwards, just use a wide toothed comb. It is more for shaping than fine grooming. You can also use your hand and fingers to pat their style into place.

  • How long does one application last?

Each application can last for days until you decide to remove it by shampooing your hair.

  • Do I need special shampoo to remove Miracle?

No. You can use regular shampoo.

  • How long does one bottle of Miracle last?

Depending on the size of the thinning area, the 25 Gram size last approximately 50 – 75 days, 19 gram 25 days. On average, each application costs around 50 cents (again it varies with the size of the balding  area).

  • Can I use hairspray, hair gels or hair oil?

Hairspray – use it AFTER Miracle.

Hair gels - wait for hair gel to dry BEFORE applying Miracle.

Hair Oils – It depends on types of hair oil. You can experiment. If you do, use hair oil BEFORE using Miracle.

  • Does Miracle change normal hair growth pattern?

No. Miracle is not a medicine or drug, it consists of natural fibers extracted from plant, it does not promote or slow down normal hair growth.

  • Does it work for women?

Miracle is equally effective for women as for men. In fact approximately 30% of our customers are female.

  • Does Miracle work for facial hair, like beard and mustache?

No. Miracle is for scalp hair only, not recommended for hair on other parts of your body. We are working on a new product for facial hair.

  • How many colors are there?
  • Miracle offers seven colors. One of them will match your hair color.

How to choose a color for my hair?

  • Look in the mirror. Look at your hair root color in the thinning area. This is the color to order.
    (2) If you have highlighted ends with darker roots, match the root color.
    (3) When in doubt, choose the darker shade. For example if you have trouble deciding between medium brown and light brown, choose medium brown.
  • What if the color I have chosen does not match my hair?

You can

  • Return the product for exchange to a different color, or
  • Get refund. We offer 30-day money back guarantee, no question ask.
  • Can I mix two colors, how?

Yes. Follow the following steps:

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of darker shade Miracle, lightly pat your hair to disperse the product, and then

Step 2: apply the lighter shade Miracle, again gently pat your hair to disperse the product.

Step 3: Repeat step 1 and 2 if necessary to get the desired coverage.

  • Can I use a curling iron or hair straightener with this product?

Yes, but you should use styling iron first before applying Miracle.

  • Is Miracle package and delivery discreet?

Miracle bottle is completely discreet. The bottle itself has no indications of what this product is for. Product instructions are printed on the box only, which you can choose to throw away. Miracle is shipped inside non-marked boxes or envelops, so no one will ever know the content of the package.

  • How long will it take to receive my order?

It will take 2-3 business days. Overnight express is also available. Please note that business day does not include Saturday, Sunday and national holidays.

MIRACLE | Karachi Customer Challenge Demo

Aug-15-2013 (Shakir Ali)

MIRACLE | Karachi Customer Challenge Demo

Aug-15-2013 (Ubaid)


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